Coeur d’Alene Home With Water Damaged Walls

Unwanted water in your home can cause damage to many areas, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, and more.  In some cases, water damage can be avoidable, but we can’t stop all water damage so where do homeowners need to focus their restoration efforts? One area to focus on that you might now think about is […]

Top causes of commercial water damage

Avoiding water damage in a commercial building is crucial to keep your employees and customers safe and your business running.  The main cause for water damage in a commercial building is a leaky roof but there are other causes of water damage that could happen to your commercial building. Damaged Windows Leaks from cracks in […]

Prevent Water Damage From Your Washing Machine

We have discussed how water heaters are a leading cause of water damage in a home in previous blogs but did you know that washing machines are also a common cause of water damage?  The last thing you want to deal with while doing multiple loads of laundry is water leaking into your home.  So […]

Why You Should Choose Pacific Dryforce for Water Removal

Water removal services are vital even during times like these.  When the economy is hurting, most homeowners will still try and make taking care of their home a financial priority because it is one of the biggest investments most people make.  So choosing the right company to take care of your home during a water […]

How to clean up a flooded basement

Most of the homes in the Coeur d’Alene, ID area and the surrounding cities have basements.  Whether they are finished or unfinished, it is a common place for flooding. You might have an aging water heater in your basement, your basement could be your laundry room, or you could have a sump pump that is […]

5 most common causes of water damage

Water leaking into a home can put a homeowner into instant panic mode.  You can try and be proactive about preventing water damage but we know that you can’t always stop the inevitable so if you can’t prevent the problem, then it’s important to act fast!  The first thing you should do is find the […]