Top causes of commercial water damage

Avoiding water damage in a commercial building is crucial to keep your employees and customers safe and your business running.  The main cause for water damage in a commercial building is a leaky roof but there are other causes of water damage that could happen to your commercial building.

  • Damaged Windows

Leaks from cracks in a window or old cracked caulking can cause slow water leaks into your building.  These leaks are not always found right away which could lead to mold growth if proper water removal equipment is not used to ensure all excess water is removed.  

  • Leaky or Broken Pipes

This is a common cause of water damage in both residential and commercial properties.  This can lead to large amounts of water in a home that requires a professional water removal expert to remove all excess water.  

  • Damaged HVAC

HVAC systems are used to heat and cool commercial buildings through ducts.  When ducks get old and are in need of replacing condensation can build up causing slow leaks and mold growth.  Make sure you get your building’s commercial ducts checked and cleaned on a regular basis.  

Keeping customers safe and employees safe is a business owner’s number one priority.  Check your building on a regular basis for slow leaks or mold growth.  Mold growth can lead to health hazards and water leaks can lead to dangerous slippery floors. The Pacific Dryforce team is passionate about helping you get your home back to normal after water damage.  If water removal is done poorly or incorrectly, it could lead to future mold growth that could be hazardous to your health which is why we make sure we use the right equipment and process to remove water from your home.  If your home has suffered from water damage in Coeur d’Alene, ID or Spokane, WA areas, call Pacific Dryforce today. We provide water removal services in the following Idaho cities: Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Rathdrum, Priest River, Spirit Lake, Athol, Hayden, Hauser Lake and we also proudly serve the Spokane, Washington area including but not limited to Spokane, Airway Heights, Newport, Mead etc.