How A Homeowner Let Hazardous Mold Get Out Of Control

One of our friends recently called us up to tell us they thought they had black mold in their home.  I immediately asked this homeowner a couple of questions: Can you see evidence of black mold? – “yes, and there seems to be mushroom growth in one spot.” Can you smell a musty moldy smell?  […]

Avoid a sump pump from causing a flood in your home

A sump pump is used to pump groundwater away from your home to avoid water flooding the basement or lower levels of your home. If you have ever had your sump pump fail, then you have experienced the large amounts of water that can flood into your home during a heavy rainfall or during the […]

How to deal with water dry out in the basement

Basements can act as our home’s storage or be a finished living space.  Either way, it is the lowest point in your home and it is concrete so it is capable of filling up and becoming an unwanted indoor swimming pool if water leaks down into your basement.  There are a couple of steps you […]

Can carpet and the carpet pad be saved after excess water?

The flooring in your home can be expensive and time-consuming to replace.  Some flooring can be replaced by a handy homeowner, other flooring like carpet involves more specialized tools so drying out the carpet after unwanted water leaks into your home is the ideal option for homeowners.  There are three types of unwanted water that […]

Coeur d’Alene Home With Water Damaged Walls

Unwanted water in your home can cause damage to many areas, floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, appliances, and more.  In some cases, water damage can be avoidable, but we can’t stop all water damage so where do homeowners need to focus their restoration efforts? One area to focus on that you might now think about is […]

Top causes of commercial water damage

Avoiding water damage in a commercial building is crucial to keep your employees and customers safe and your business running.  The main cause for water damage in a commercial building is a leaky roof but there are other causes of water damage that could happen to your commercial building. Damaged Windows Leaks from cracks in […]