Top causes of commercial water damage – Coeur D’Alene, ID

Keeping a business up and running is important but not at the risk of customers and employees so when an accident happens creating commercial water damage, it is important to dry up the water and fix the issue quickly.  Here are the top causes of commercial water damage:

  • Broken or damaged pipes – Commercial buildings can be large and have a lot of water pipes that could start leaking or burst at any moment.  If your building is more than a couple of years old, it is important to take the time to check for broken or damaged pipes.  One way you can do this is smelly rooms for a musty smell, checking the ceiling for leaks, or checking the carpet for water stains.
  • Faulty HVAC system – a commercial HVAC system is a common cause of leaks.  One way to prevent your building’s HVAC system from leaking is to have your HVAC systems cleaned and inspected annually.
  • Damaged roof – A roof endures heavy rain, strong winds, freezing temperatures, and snowfall which can all eventually lead to roof leaks.  To prevent commercial water damage from a leaky roof, have the roof of your commercial building inspected and repaired annually.  This extends the lifespan of your building’s roof and prevents leaks.
  • Weather – This is a common cause of commercial water damage that is usually not preventable.  Depending on where your building is in the country, you might have to watch out for snowstorms, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, etc, the best you can do is make sure you bring your building back to a safe working condition after enduring any water damage.

Standing water in a commercial building can lead to hazardous mold growth and slippery floors.  It’s important to keep your building safe for employees and customers.  If you’re in need of a water restoration company, please call us to get your business back up and running.  Pacific Dryforce serves the following cities and their surrounding areas: Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Rathdrum, Priest River, Spirit Lake, Athol, Hayden, Hauser Lake, and we also proudly serve the Spokane, Washington area including but not limited to Spokane, Airway Heights, Newport, Mead, etc.