Can carpet and the carpet pad be saved after excess water?

The flooring in your home can be expensive and time-consuming to replace.  Some flooring can be replaced by a handy homeowner, other flooring like carpet involves more specialized tools so drying out the carpet after unwanted water leaks into your home is the ideal option for homeowners.  There are three types of unwanted water that certified water restoration companies use for classification purposes:

  1. Cleanwater: This type of water forms from broken pipes, appliances like a water pipe or your refrigerator, or rainwater and contains little to no contaminants.  A professional water restoration company can dry out your waterlogged carpet and pad in 24-48 hours.  It is recommended to have your carpet professionally cleaned after the water dry out process is completed.   
  2. Greywater: Graywater is contaminated water that comes from cleaning appliances like dishwashers, toilets. Sump pumps, etc that should not come in contact with skin or be ingested.  Quality carpet might be able to be safely dried out and cleaned, but the carpet padding should be replaced.
  3. Backwater: This is extremely hazardous water that can only be removed by a professional.  Both the carpet and the carpet pad needs to be replaced.

Our team here at Pacific Dryforce has tools like a non-invasive moisture meter to determine the amount of moisture left in your home’s walls and floors after unwanted water enters your home.  We are an IICRC team so we understand the importance of doing the water removal job the right way.  Pacific Dryforce serves the following cities and their surrounding areas: Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Rathdrum, Priest River, Spirit Lake, Athol, Hayden, Hauser Lake, and we also proudly serve the Spokane, Washington area including but not limited to Spokane, Airway Heights, Newport, Mead, etc.