Pacific Dryforce is a family-owned and operated water removal company.  We understand that when there is standing water in your home, trying to find a trustworthy Post Falls water removal company can be challenging.  Here are a few helpful tips to help you quickly narrow your search so that you can remove standing water before hazardous mold starts to grow.

Choose A Certified Post Falls water removal company

Many water removal “experts” will say they have the certifications needed to safely remove water from your Post Falls home.  Our Pacific Dryforce team is IICRC certified which is the most credible water removal certification a water removal company can receive.  This certification means we have the knowledge necessary to ensure your home has all water safely and effectively removed from your home.  

Choose a local water removal company

Most homeowners do not know all the necessary steps to ensure that all water is removed from a home.  So when searching for an Post Falls water removal company, choose a local company so that if something goes wrong or a follow-up is needed, you can make one call to connect immediately to the right person instead of calling multiple departments and locations to get your problem resolved.  

Choosing local has become more important as Coronavirus has increased our restrictions on who we are willing to let into our home.  Choosing local means less people will be resolving our issues and less people will be entering our homes.  Support local by choosing local!

We understand that trusting a Post Falls water removal company can be difficult, especially at this time.  Pacific Dryforce is a family-owned and operated water removal company that is certified and insured.  We have the equipment, experience, and passion to help you through an already stressful situation.  If you have any questions or are in need of emergency water removal services, call (208) 687-6553.