Mold is common in most places across the United States, but for cold and wet climates like here in Newport, it has increased to quite the problem. It can be tempting to try and remove mold yourself, but because of how easily mold can spread and the damages to your health, this is a bad idea. It is best to hire a mold removal specialist to handle all your mold problems so it gets completely removed and your family stays safe.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in moist, dark places. It reproduces through spores that travel through the air. Exposure to mold for a long time can cause coughing, wheezing, or other upper respiratory tract symptoms. Mold can grow on anything as long as it has constant moisture. With cold wet weather like Newport has, mold issues have become common.

What Does Mold Removal Entail?

The mold removal process is the process of focusing on heavy mold areas of the house. In Newport, a well-trained mold removal specialist will go through a multitude of steps to eradicate your mold issue. This starts with a common inspection of the problem. Then the mold is contained to stop the spread. The Air is filtered to remove any spores that could be present. Then the existing mold is cleaned up and finally, there is a complete sanitization of the area. Heavy mold issues could result in the need to replace walls or flooring so be sure to contact us at Pacific Dryforce as soon as possible!

Why Hire a Mold Removal Specialist?

Mold removal specialists have advanced knowledge of mold and how it spreads. Removing mold yourself could be harmful to you and could even cost more than having a specialist remove the mold if it spread and walls or flooring had to be replaced. For Newport, keeping money in our pockets and our family safe is two of the most important things. So if you have a mold problem, let it get taken care of by the experts here at Pacific Dryforce.

Our team here at Pacific Dryforce has tools like a non-invasive moisture meter to determine the amount of moisture left in your home’s walls and floors after unwanted water enters your home.  We are an IICRC team so we understand the importance of doing the water removal job the right way.  Pacific Dryforce serves Newport and their surrounding areas.