Why You Should Hire a Water Damage Restoration Contractor

A home that suffers from water damage can be quite a shock and equally stressful. Water damage is such an urgent issue that the longer it sits, the worse it gets, and the more expensive it can cost to fix it. That’s why it is important to hire a water damage restoration contractor to inspect your home for any damages that could potentially turn into a mold issue. 

Water Damage Signs to Look Out For

  • Peeling paint – when water destroys ceilings, walls, and even doors, look out for peeling paint. Peeling paint may look like dry or cracked sheets or, while wet, can look rubbery.
  • Warped Surfaces – Ceilings, walls, and even floors damaged by water become uneven and can be very noticeable. Look for areas that are convex or concave, and check to see if that area is easily influenced by a push of a finger or palm.
  • Discoloration – any surface damaged by water, the first sign of water damage is discoloration. Stains can vary in color but are usually yellow or brown in appearance.
  • Musty Smell – a musty smell indicates that there is mold or mildew, meaning that your water damage has become even bigger. Mold is harmful to us, and could make breathing more difficult than it should be.
  • High Water Bills – If your water bill is suddenly getting higher than what you normally use or what you are used to, there is a leak somewhere around the house. Besides checking bathrooms and sinks, check your sprinkler systems, hose system, and even the basement.

We are a Professional Water Damage Restoration Contractor!

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